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Rafiki Lion Best Mate - Stuffed Animals

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Meet Rafiki Lion! The lion who will fund a school! 

Rafiki Lion is O.B. Designs first collaboration with Rafiki Mwema. When you purchase Rafiki Lion they will donate directly to Rafiki Mwema and help them build their new school. 

Sarah Rosborg (Artist) who has self started Kenyan charity Rafiki Mwema with Ann-Marie Tipper (Child Psychologist). 
For years, they have tirelessly campaigned and fundraised for the children and even rescued them on the ground in Kenya! 
They are inspirational people and O.B. Designs wanted to do something meaningful to help so we got together and custom designed a Toy Lion named Rafiki. 
The idea was that Rafiki Wmema (Swahili for "Loyal Friend") needed a Mascot and a Lion soft toy perfect! 
In Kenya, a Lion is a symbol of Power and Pride and is on their coat of arms. When the kids come to Rafiki they are broken and it is Sarah and Anne-Marie's mission to be a loyal friend and give them their power and pride back through love and education. 
The attached image is one of the kids at "Kings and Queens Castle" with Rafiki (meaning Friend in Swahili) . They were VERY excited to see a toy created just for them and its a LION!
The aim with this special project is to fund the building of the new school on their farm in Kenya. 
For the purchase of each toy, O.B. Design donate money directly to Rafiki Mwema. Whether it is wholesale or retail the donation is the same. 
Some of the ambassadors of this wonderful charity are Constance Hall and Celeste Barber. 

Rafiki Lion Best Mate Plush Toys Australia

Each toy features a more detailed design and longer fabrics than our infant toy range. 

Best Mate toys have been thoroughly "kid-tested" for cuteness, huggability and snuggle factor! In fact, we handed over the reins to the year 5 kids at our local school in Byron Bay. As always, the kids were brutally honest and only the best made the cut.  


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